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Inspired by the desire to see more African stories heard, read and shared, Afronarratives was born.


Whilst we proudly celebrate many of Africa’s known literary geniuses, the African book industry remains full of untapped potential, with many remarkable African authors having being limited to the periphery of renowned literary greatness due to marketing and distribution challenges.


With our love for African literature, Afronarratives seeks to strengthen the promotion and distribution services of African-authored literature books to commercial retailers, educational institutions and avid readers worldwide.


Our mission:

To innovate the book industry by providing a consolidated collection of world-class, African-authored literature books to the global market.

Our vision:

Every world-class, African literary book gaining access to the global commercial market, in a seamless, hassle-free way.


AfroNarratives – “Spreading the African story”



Through accessible internet services, and global platforms, the strongest wave of consciousness to have ever been experienced by Africa and her people, has birthed a new awakening.


With social media platforms populated with pages of African people celebrating themselves, their identity and their heritage - new narratives for the young and old are being written! And with the great need and huge demand to spread these new narratives, across Africa and beyond: AfroNarratives was born. is the first African -owned, for profit, e-commerce website, specializing in the promotion and distribution of African-authored books, to the African continental market and the global market at large.

Although African writers and publishers have been writing and printing narratives for years. Due to a lack of strong distribution channels – many of our narratives, especially in book form, remained under commercialized, and with minimal access for purchase. seeks to impact and transform the African book industry by providing a solution, designed to:


  • Economically empower Afro writers and publishers, by strengthening the  continental and global distribution channels, through the provision of an online platform that accesses a greater market and increases the potential for income generation; as well as.


  • Positively contribute to the learning and educational experiences of individuals, through the consolidated collection and access point, to stories that broaden their understanding of Africa and the world. – spreading the African story.